2-Sided Sanding Pads

吉利分分彩2-sided sanding pads are a popular choice where a flexible abrasive product is needed for shaped surfaces.

吉利分分彩These sanding pads are manufactured by coating a foam base with abrasive grit on 2 sides.  The abrasive grit used may be Aluminium Oxide or Silicon Carbide.  The grit grade determines how aggressive the sanding process will be.  Grit grades with lower numbers are coarser and more aggressive.  Higher grit grades are used for finer finishing.  2-sided sanding pads are available in a grit grade range of 36 to 220.

The 2-sided sanding pad family consists of standard rectangular sponge pads for hand use, or a larger size which can be used with orbital sanding machines.

To maintain performance, 2-sided sanding pads are washable and can be used wet or dry.

吉利分分彩There is also the option to customise sanding pads with your own branding using high resolution colour print.

Sanding pads can be shipped in plain bulk packaging for economic transportation, or we can arrange display boxes, sleeves or shrink wrapping if you have a specific packaging requirement.

Key Features

  • Abrasive Coating on 2 Sides
  • Highly Flexible Sponge Construction
  • Available in Yellow Foam of 12.5mm Thickness, or Grey Foam of 10mm Thickness
  • Standard Rectangular Hand Pad or Larger Orbital Sanding Machine Pad
  • Long-lasting Abrasive Sanding Surface
  • Versatile Sanding of Metal, Wood, Plaster or Fibreglass Surfaces
  • Re-useable. Simply Wash in Water and Shake Dry
  • Various Grit Grades available, Aluminium Oxide or Silicon Carbide



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