Spydoflex Discs

Spydoflex is a non-woven abrasive material designed for power tool use.  It is excellent for removing surface layers from many materials without gouging or heat damage.  Spydoflex is available in several disc sizes and formats.

Spydoflex is a three dimensional non-woven web with abrasive bonded throughout its structure。  This means that as the disc is used new grit is continually presented to the work piece。

The web is available in two types: Black Spydoflex is more flexible for general applications, and Blue Spydoflex is stiffer and of higher durability for use on harder surfaces like concrete.

Discs of various diameters are available in either black or blue web。

Spydoflex can be shipped in plain bulk packaging for economic transportation, or we can arrange display boxes or shrink wrapping if you have a specific packaging requirement.

Key Features

  • Effective Cleaning of Metal, Wood, Plastic, Stone and Concrete
  • Depressed Centre Disc for Use on an Angle Grinder
  • Spindle Disc for Use on an Electric Drill
  • Two Grades of Flexibility Available
  • Produced in a Range of Disc Diameters
  • Long-lasting Abrasive Sanding Surface



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